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  1. 💼 Senior Frontend Engineer at Akinon, Türkiye

    Revolutionized e-commerce project UIs and streamlined the frontend development process, enhancing user experience and team efficiency.
  2. 🧠 Advocate for Neurodiversity - Public Speech

    Delivered a heartfelt speech titled "I am not neurotypical and that's OK" at Yazılımcı Günleri Etkinliği. Discussed the strengths neurodivergent individuals contribute to tech, debunked common myths, and shared strategies for fostering inclusive work environments that celebrate diverse cognitive perspectives.
  3. 🚀 Lead Frontend Engineer at Onword Studio (USA - Remote)

    Directed the development of an innovative AI-powered story visualization platform, crafting the MVP with SvelteKit. Integrated Leonardo AI and OpenAI APIs to revolutionize video creation from text, and designed a WYSIWYG text editor with image-text matching functionalities, streamlining the video production process with embedded subtitles to enrich user storytelling.
  4. 🛠️ Project Lead Developer at Açık Yazılım Ağı

    Led the Disaster Map project, a crucial open-source initiative in response to the Turkish earthquake. Managed a large team of IT volunteers to use AI and ML technologies, converting social media SOS messages into visual data on a map. Our tool facilitated 35 million requests, serving 627,000 unique visitors, and became an essential resource for NGOs and relief efforts.
  5. 🏫 Guest Speaker at Istanbul Gelisim University

    Delivered the lecture "What is Frontend? How to Become a Frontend Engineer?" focusing on guiding aspiring developers through the landscape of frontend technology and career pathways.
  6. 🌐 Founded Frontendship

    Established a dynamic, open-source community for over 2000 frontend developers. Organized online events, workshops, and created educational content to foster community growth, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.
  7. 🎤 Speaker at Teknasyon Meetup

    Presented on "Custom Design System Configuration with Tailwind," sharing insights on frontend development practices and design system efficiency to a professional audience of peers.
  8. Joined Teknasyon

    Developed a no-code web editor, enhancing user experience and platform reliability. Learned extensively about no-code platforms and honed my skills in computer science and software engineering.
  9. 📚 Began studying Computer Programming at Anadolu University

    Dove into computer science and software engineering, gaining valuable knowledge.
  10. Relocated to İzmir

    Recall the excitement and trepidation on my first day in İzmir.
  11. 💻 Started at ICS Defense as a Frontend Engineer

    Felt fortunate to work full-time with highly skilled individuals.
  12. 🌐 Embarked on a web development journey

    Began with HTML and CSS. Secured my first client as a freelance developer and expanded into developing websites with JavaScript and WordPress. Advanced to React, working with numerous clients.
  13. 🌈 Founded an organization named Spektrum

    I've designed logos, posters, websites and social media content for the organization. Organized events and workshops related to technology, art, and entrepreneurship. My passion for web development was ignited after launching the organization's website.
  14. 👨‍💻 Began Graphic Design work at Çanakkale City Hall

  15. 🚚 Moved to Çanakkale, Türrkiye

    Started studying Medical Imaging Technologies at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University for enjoyment, graduating in 2021.
  16. 🏁 Launched my first website

    Published a WordPress site for a museum.
  17. 🎨 Designed my first logo for a local shop after months of self-study in graphic design.

  18. 📚 Began studies in International Relations at Trakya University

    Opted to leave the program after two years.
  19. 🎓 Graduated from high school

  20. 👶 Born in İstanbul, Türkiye

    Welcomed to the world on 21st of October, 1996.